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Video Content Development

Date : 2021
Category : Videography
Customer : Searail
Locations : Walvis Bay,Namibia



The Port core function remains the loading and off-loading containers carrying materials in and out of the host country.


Use containers as inspiration for creating a new identity for SEA RAIL and develop a new pay-off line,

Project Challenging Story

A subsidiary of Botswana Railways with a port off the coast of Namibia wanted a new identity.

Date : 2023
Category : Videography
Customer : BPOMAS
Locations : Gaborone, Botswana



The BPOMAS brand has been around since 1990, thus it has been caring for Batswana health and has been the Number 1 medical aid provider as they cover almost the entire public sector.


Create an awareness campaign around why BPOMAS is Number 1 medical aid provider and position it as affordable as well


The brand customer base grew from 75 000 principal members to 81 000 members over a period of 3 years with an average of 2 000 new members every year.

Project Challenging Story

Introducing our brand new membership cards. Giving you access to affordable healthcare.

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What are the necessary steps to make a video?

We work to accommodate your timeline for each project. Our process involves pre-production for concept & timeline, production for filming & set design, and post-production for editing & client review until you receive the finished product.

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