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Date : 2019
Category : Social Media
Customer : Searail
Locations : Namibia


The Port core function remains the loading and off-loading containers carrying materials in and out of the host country.
Use containers as inspiration for creating a new identity for SEARAIL and develop a new pay-off line.

Project Challenging Story

A subsidiary of Botswana Railways with a port off the coast of Namibia wanted a new identity.

Date : 2019
Category : Social Media
Customer : BPOMAS
Locations : Gaborone, Botswana



The BPOMAS brand has been around since 1990, thus it has been caring for Batswana health and has been the Number 1 medical aid provider as they cover almost the entire public sector.


Create an awareness campaign around why BPOMAS is Number 1 medical aid provider and position it as affordable as well

The brand customer base grew from 75 000 principal members to 81 000 members over a period of 3 years with an average of 2 000 new members every year.

Project Challenging Story

The BPOMAS brand had been the same for the past 30 years, as such the brand has stagnated and not getting the requisit exposure. The brand doesn’t fit in the modern era and as such needed a fresher look that will be aspired by a wide audience. Repositionng and packaging of BPOMAS products was the step to make their customers and potential customer aware.

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